Connecting globally

As a global specialist IDM offers a vast range of mobile services to enterprises, mobile operators and aggregrators worldwide.

Across all industries

Innovative mobile solutions for your business.

For enterprise customers like banks, airlines, car rentals, retail, travel services, mobile marketing agencies and other industries IDM offers various services in order to fulfill your business and security requirements.

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Certified technology

IDM is one company out of only 30 worldwide, whose technology and its Open Connectivity SMS Hub has been certified by the GSMA. This means outstanding coverage and excellent service for you.

IDMs IMT-HUB® is based on a proprietary SMSC Platform running on our own infrastructure systems which are located in state of the art data-centers. In addition to this our systems are secured by fully redundant hardware with real-time replication in order to guarantee maximum uptime to our clientele.

Routing Classifications

SMS use cases are very diverse, ranging from non-time sensitive information like marketing campaigns to time and mission critical data such as mTAN’s, OTP or booking confirmations.

Due to these changing requirements we have tailored various routing classifications to suit your companies’ individual needs. Combined with attractive pricing, you will always find the perfect choice for your SMS application with IDM.

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