SMS Firewall

SMS as of today still is a key revenue generator/factor for mobile operators around the globe. However the profitability of SMS is under attack by Spamming, Spoofing and Faking of SMS. With modification of specific parameters in an SMS Message, anyone can gain unwanted and non-authorized access to the SS7 networks of a mobile operators’ home networks and cause significant financial damage. Operators have to react quickly to the changing techniques of spoofing etc. to deal with these types of threats. As the spam threat increases, solid protection of your network is a key factor to customer satisfaction! The requirement is clear: advanced spoof-detection technology!

Due to IDM's proprietary ASP Firewall your network will be protected in realtime against up to date known threats

IDM’s NGN managed Services SMS Firewall allows operators to focus on their core business while being assured that their network is protected against up to date known threats and unwanted or non paid for SMS traffic.

While wanted and accepted interconnection traffic will pass into your network as before, unwanted traffic will be blocked out of your network. IDM is working closely with the operators to define the rules and policies before taking the service live. As IDM has own SS7 access and is in the mobile messaging space for more than a decade, we are convinced to have seen and come across any potential type of threat that there may be.

This enables us to always be up to date with the latest known threats and implement them in a timely manner in our robust product. The product is delivered as a black box that passes the traffic through the firewall for inspection, accounting and reporting.

Product features

  • User Definable rules for:
    • Calling Party GTs
    • Called Party GTs
    • Network layer traffic inspection
  • MT (mobile terminated) SMS screening
  • Anti Spoof detection
  • Fake SMS detection
  • Advanced screening to latest known threads
  • User defined logging and reporting
  • Support for Sigtran M3UA Traffic