Let SMS become an essential component in the communication with your customers and clients.

IMD offers you high quality SMS & Voice services combined with individual support.

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High professional mobile services for your enterprise

Since our world is getting more and more connected, your customers have shifted their focus on being able to obtain information anywhere and at any time. Even though smartphones and mobile apps are on the rise, SMS continues to be the service that allows you to reach the majority of your customers — reliable and above all safe.

Take advantage of IDMs innovative gateway for sending out text and voice messages in all countries with more than 1.000 operators.

Benefit from our long-standing expertise in mobile services

  • International mobile service specialist
  • Global reach of all GSM networks
  • Optimal delivery rates in 
  • Own Network Operation Center
  • Personal, individual and high quality consulting
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Innovative solutions across all industries

For enterprise customers like banks, airlines, car rentals, retail, travel services, mobile marketing agencies and other industries IDM offers various services in order to fulfill your business and security requirements.


Retail enterprises can benefit greatly from IDMs mobile services as messaging solutions open cost savings, generate new revenues and expand the brand awareness of any company.
With our certified SMS-Hub and a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% retailers have the opportunity to remain competitive.

Banks and financial institutions

Enterprise customers like banks, credit card, capital market and security service companies can rely on several mobile services and solutions by IDM. Ranging from campaign tools to VPN connection into the proprietary messaging gateway, IDM always fulfills their customers’ business and security requirements.

Tourism and public transport

For enterprise customers like travel agencies and portals, public transportation, airlines and hotels interactive digital media GmbH (IDM) offers serveral mobile services and solutions. Ranging from campaign tools to VPN connection into the proprietary messaging gateway, IDM always fulfills their customers business and security requirements.

Public sector

The modernization of public administration continues to progress and the use of mobile services and applications supports the E-Government essentially. IDM offers solutions that help the Public Sector to communicate with the people fast, easily and secure.