GT Leasing

If you have heard of GT Leasing, but are not sure, if you got it right, please read below to understand the different variations of GT Leasing.

GT Leasing means the lease or renting of mobile network global titles for A2P or P2P SMS transmission and other mobile related services. If you are an SMS Aggregator or a mobile operator, you may have heard of it.

A mobile operator can generate additional revenue.
A mobile service provider and / or aggregator may be interested to lease GTs.

Potentially, if you dont have any own mobile network access (which requires a mobile network license) you might want to engage with a company alike IDM, which offers GT hosting as well. This means we implement GTs on our network for you. This is a pure ASP model, where you will have full control of the GTs which you own.

If you are interested in any of these services, kindly touch base with your customer service representative today.