Enterprise Services

Since our world is getting more and more connected, your customers have shifted their focus on being able to obtain information anywhere and at any time.

Even though smartphones and mobile apps are on the rise, SMS continues to be the service that allows you to reach the majority of your customers — reliable and above all safe.  

Take advantage of IDMs proprietary mobile services platform, which is based on a carrier-grade SMSC, own network infrastructure and a netcoverage for MT-SMS in all countries with more than 1.000 operators.

Our Experience = Your Benefit

  • Orientation: Global mobile service specialist
  • Versatility: Global reach of all GSM networks
  • Quality: Optimal delivery rates in various routing classifications
  • Monitoring: Own Network Operation Center
  • Service: Personal, individual and high quality consulting

Enterprise solutions

Have a closer look below to find out how SMS can support you in your daily business and become an essential component in the communication with your customers and clients.


Banks / Financial institutions

Tourism / Public transport

Public sector